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About Us...



We are an Urban Style Winery similar to a craft brewery.

We source our ingredients

from vineyards in premium regions around the world.

We then craft limited batch wines at our urban location in Lehighton, Pennsylvania.

When you visit expect a fun, laid back vibe with a little bit for everyone, 

Draft Beer, Mixed Drink Specials, Sangrias, Wine Slushies and even

Wine Infused Soft Serve Ice Cream!

peace. love. wine. 

rad·i·cal : different from what is traditional or ordinary

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We have Exclusive Wines that Benefit Animal Shelters & Rescues!

Our Story....

Here at Radical Wine Company, we started out just making wine for ourselves and family that we enjoyed drinking, that slowly grew into more of a passion that we wanted to continue to share with others.  

In November of 2013 we turned our hobby into a small business, Northeast Homebrew Supply. Our store supplied all of the essential equipment & ingredients to make your own wine, beer, cider, mead, cheese etc.  

As we continued on, we decided that we want to offer our creations for sale.  

In September of 2014 Radical Wine Company was born. We operated both businesses in the same space until Feb 2018 when we sold Northeast Homebrew Supply to a new owner. Two months later we moved our winery to a larger location, where we are now able to offer much more, such as Pa. beer, Pa. spirits, indoor and outdoor seating, food and entertainment.

Our family of wines are crafted with passion and care.

 We hope that you'll find your favorite, and when you do, share it with your closest...  Cheers! -Kate and Brandon

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